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The Bible is the sacred book of the three major religions in today's world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. This free program is an electronic version of the King James' Bible with powerful search capabilities. It starts with a box showing a quote from the Bible, which is a good way to start using the application. The program's interface is very akin to that of MS Word, so if you are familiar with it, you will have no problems when using Bible Search. Once the program is running, you can open any of the Bible books by choosing its title from the drop-down list. Also, you can search any term in all the Bible books or just in those you want by clicking on the corresponding button. By default, all the books are selected, so if you want to perform your search just in some of them, then you can clear all and select only those you want. The search engine allows you to perform advanced queries using the "and/or" option and wildcard characters. The search speed is pretty fast, showing its results on a Word-type sheet. You can print and/or export the search results, as well as edit them.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of adding your own notes to any verse and consult them later. This program can be useful for clerics and Sunday school teachers, as well as for any person interested in studying the Scriptures.

Victor Hernandez
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